Clarion West 2000: Dramatis Personae

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Inez Schaechterle
Grad student in English program at U. Nevada Reno

Kameron Hurley
History major at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks

Amy Sisson
Research assistant for a labor union in Waterford, New York

"Don't steal my soul! I'm from Africa!"

Julian Brown
University student from Durban, South Africa

Patrick Weekes
Works at a startup in Silicon Valley, doing HTML and Javascript

Albert Folsom
Pharmacist from Salem, Oregon

Francesca Myman
Recently graduated from Yale University with a BA in Women's Studies

Paulette Rousselle
Graphic artist from Redmond, Washington; former molecular biologist

Anne (A.E.) Silas
Training for a day job as a medical transcriptionist in Bainbridge Island, Washington; David's sister

David Silas
Tech writer/editor for a software testing company near Seattle; Anne's brother

Greg Beatty
Grad student in English at University of Iowa

Alec Austin
Undergraduate math major at Reed College, Portland, Oregon

Jennifer Whitson
Psych major in her fourth year at the University of California, Irvine

Miriam Hurst
Medical writer from Auckland, New Zealand

Bill Mingin
Lives in suburban New Jersey, formerly worked for a German book/journal company in New York City

Andrew Scott
From Madison, Wisconsin

David Levine
Software engineer for Intel in Portland, Oregon

Faculty and Staff

David Myers
Clarion administrator

Leslie Howle
Clarion administrator

John Crowley
Co-instructor for week 1; author of Little, Big and Engine Summer

Paul Park
Co-instructor for week 1; author of Celestis and Soldiers of Paradise

Geoff Ryman
Instructor for week 2; author of 253, Was, and The Child Garden.

Candas Jane Dorsey
Instructor for week 3; author of Black Wine and the collection Machine Sex and Other Stories.

Pat Murphy
Instructor for week 4; author of The Falling Woman, Nadya, and There and Back Again.

David Hartwell
Instructor for week 5; an editor at Tor, noted for the Year's Best SF books.

Carol Emshwiller
Instructor for week 6; author of Carmen Dog and the collection The Start of the End of It All.

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